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War Horse fic: "Fearless Men" for jenthegypsy

Title: Fearless Men
Fandom: War Horse
Pairing: Gen. Jamie Stewart/Captain Nicholls (Benedict Cumberbatch & Tom Hiddleston's characters)
Rating: R
Synopsis: Captain Nicholls is nervous the night before the big charge
Word count: About 2500
Note: Happy birthday to jenthegypsy! I know we disagreed about the movie but we can agree on the pretty horses and pretty men, yes? :) Thanks to elise_509 for looking it over! No real spoilers for the film.
And there's a picspam and icons over here

Here's some film clips (for those who haven't seen the movie):
Riding contest between Stewart & Nicholls
The General's speech to the men
Waverly shows off his new cap to Nicholls
The charge (SPOILERS!)

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