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Fandom and unfinished WIPs

Ha, lately my LJ is nothing but those silly dolls and the fandom meltdown over the whole cousinjean situation.

Now that I've read her original post (reproduced here), it got me thinking -- as I was just discussing with quiet_rebel. Part of what irritated me was her attitude about her WIPs - that people either owed her money to finish them or to shut the hell up and never ask her about them again if they didn't give her money.

(Hmm. I was trying to create two polls, but LJ isn't cooperating.) So, tell me how you as a reader and a writer, feel about unfinished WIPs. Or, we could just make more dolls, LOL. ;-D

Do you lie awake nights stressing about that one thorny plot point that's holding up everything?
Do you often forget about your WIP(s), until that momentary twinge of guilt comes?
Have you shelved it permanently?
Do you want to turn and gore anyone who asks when to expect the next update?
Or are you working on it and just haven't been able to edit/type/post it?
Or is it all your beta's fault? LOL.

Do you live in agony until there's a new update?
Do you squee when you see there's a new chapter but otherwise forget the darn thing exists?
Has it been so long between updates that you don't even care anymore?
Has it gotten so lengthy that you just wish they'd wrapped it up 3 chapters ago?
Are you going to show up at the author's house and threaten to break their legs if they don't finish it, and soon?
Or are you just quietly sad that it's been left hanging that way?

I know I want to get my two WIPs finished! But sometimes the muse just isn't there or you (or your co-author) gets stuck and you have to move on to other things. Maybe not permanently, but until you've got your mojo back. I mean, I was just (jokingly) harrassing uberaeryn to get back to "The Disappeared." But if she doesn't, hey, I'll kidnap Josh Holloway and hold him hostage until there's a new chapter understand. ;-D

I guess the same thing could go for sequels - sometimes there's more to a story and it's great to know people want you to continue. Other times, that's all there is, folks and no amount of cajoling will convince you otherwise.
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