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The art of the ménage à trois

"I even resorted to playing with dolls, trying to figure out angles and configurations."

Aha! ;-D Dude, there needs to be more threeways in film, don't you think? Especially of the two-guys-and-a-girl variety. I don't recall ever seeing one of those in a mainstream film. (Feel free to point me to one!)

Colin Firth's Steamy Love Scene Trouble Censors
16 AUGUST 2005

Colin Firth has made no secret of his desire to shake off the period-character image he picked up after playing Darcy in Pride And Prejudice. And it would seem the actor is about to do just that, as his latest big screen outing, which is anything but traditional, is whipping up a storm of controversy stateside.

Where The Truth Lies has run into trouble with US censors for its risqué ménage a trois featuring Kevin Bacon, Colin and Canadian actress Rachel Blandford.

Director Atom Egoyan promised producers the movie would get an R rating, meaning it could be viewed by children under 17 accompanied by an adult, but the film's energetic love scene has provoked concern among ratings authorities who have decided it will either have to be changed or be branded "adults only".

The filmmaker is now working on cutting down the offending scenes in order to satisfy the board. Studio insiders say the romantic escapade is crucial to the plot of the movie, however, so it will not be removed entirely. "I needed these scenes to feel lurid and unbridled," explained the award-winning director. "I even resorted to playing with dolls, trying to figure out angles and configurations."

While it remains to be seen just how much of Colin's amorous adventures will go on show to the public, it appears certain his fans will get to see a whole new side to the popular actor.

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