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Lost DVD party

FIrst - How jealous am I of people who got to go to this?
Second - They're already filming, so this is Josh's look for the new season? Longer hair and more weight? Um, that's uh, a continuity problem at the very least. (Less than flattering pic here.) At least it says here he was tired from filming. But still, the hair! Eep! Where's our pretty, pretty Josh gone? *sobs*
Third - Jorge has adopted a Chihuahua/dachshund puppy. Aw!

Feels like a 'Lost' déja vu
By William Keck, USA TODAY
KAHUKU, Hawaii — The stars of the hugely successful TV drama Lost gathered Tuesday night in a tropical jungle on Oahu's Turtle Bay Resort to herald the Sept. 6 release of the ABC series' first season on DVD.

The setting of the party, thrown by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, was a re-creation of the plane crash that started the series. Having already "survived" that crash of the fictitious Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, the cast arrived to the tiki lamp-lit party in grand style.

First to step out of his chauffeured car: Matthew Fox (who plays Jack), dressed in a pink shirt and black suit, smoking a cigarette and escorting his wife of 14 years, Margherita, a former model.

"I thought we were going to be inside," marveled Fox as he started down the dirt carpet arrivals line. "I hope everybody brought bug spray."

Impressed by the party's theatrics, which included flight attendants, a tram and the eerie metallic clangs of the show's mysterious monster, was Terry O'Quinn (Locke), who "thought we were just going to come and have a few drinks in the woods."

"Powerful" was the word Naveen Andrews (Sayid) used to describe a local cover band performing in front of a large section of plane wreckage.

Female cast members were advised to wear sensible footwear. "It's Hawaii," reminded Maggie Grace (Shannon) in gold, strappy sandals. "No call for high heels."

Evangeline Lilly (Kate) arrived looking like a '60s-era go-go dancer in a super-short, vintage, yellow tweed dress with white, knee-high boots that were "made for walkin" the treacherous terrain.

Asked to comment on the vintage Batman T-shirt her party companion and cast mate Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) was sporting, Lilly simply said, "That's pretty cute."

Also looking tropical chic: Emilie de Ravin (Claire) in an elegant gown by Aussie designer Lisa Ho and Yunjin Kim (Sun), wearing a casual striped dress by Penguin.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) brought his girlfriend of four months, Malia Hansen. The two are raising a rescued Chihuahua /dachshund puppy.

Missing from the party: young Malcolm David Kelley (Walt), who was not due on the island to shoot his scenes until later in the week, and new cast members Michelle Rodriguez (Ana-Lucia) and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Emeka).

"Michelle wanted to hang back and let the Season One guys be in the limelight," explained Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof, who said he is close to signing a veteran female actress to play the role of a third new regular in the second season.

As cast members are added, Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), who is about to purchase a house on Oahu, hopes his character remains.

With Kim's character set to develop his use of English, the actor has been taking lessons to learn how to speak English with a Korean accent.

Barely making it to the party was an exhausted Josh Holloway (Sawyer), who arrived after 10 because he was filming scenes for the second episode.

At the party, Lindelof disclosed that Episode 3 will be the show everyone will be talking about.

"We go into the hatch in the first episode (airing Sept. 21) and sort of see what's in there, but it isn't really explained to us until the middle of Episode 3," he teased.

"That episode is going to blow away anyone who has ever said, 'You guys don't give enough answers.' "
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