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OK, maybe my post about Josh yesterday was a bit harsh. Maybe it bummed some of you out a bit. Maybe it made you think I don't even like him anymore.

This is my official post to say

I still love you, Josh!

The man is still fine. He's still one of the best actors on TV. Sawyer is still my favorite TV character, although Jack is close behind. And you know, the Foxy!Love is currently sky-high.

But you know what else my post did? It incited WEASELS, anonymous weasels to post this crap in response. I hate to give them any attention, but I had to share my outrage.

Assy comment #1:
I´m so glad you guys finally have come to your senses about this Josh-person. He is creepy and ugly as hell and cant act even if his life depended on it. I´m pretty sure he´s beating his wife. Just look at the treepicture. Thats the true Josh I think.
He ruined season 1 just by showing his face. I really want Sawyer to die. He adds nothing to the show and is a boring, one-dimensional character. You should come over to Dom or Sayid instead, for some REAL hotness.

First of all, if I ever gave up on Sawyer, it would be for Jack. And um, Dom's an actor. Charlie's the character, numnuts. And I don't remotely fancy Dom or Naveen. Sorry. And beating his wife? Because the man is capable of glaring? Just ... please. Grow up.

Assy comment #2:
LOL, Couldn´t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes! Thanks for the link hon... The Sawyerlove is GONE! Great news girls. We will always help you with the Josh-bashing, we promise. Someone should send these posts to him personally. Love to see his face when he sees what his fans really think about him:-))))Or ex-fans now. He would quit fast than hell. Hmmm. Having a thought here...LOL. What a great day!

Love this place now! You should put Sayid with Jack instead. Blonde´s are stupid anyway. Especially you-know-who:-D

Yeah, nice grammar, anonymous JERK.

This had me thinking maybe it's time to block anonymous comments, but then I got a nice anonymous review on my Foxshy fic so .... perhaps not.

C'mon people. I got into the Lost fandom because of Sawyer. I run a comm called sawyerficrecs. All my fics - all 40+ stories - have Sawyer or Josh in them. That's not about to change. In conclusion: Love Josh. Loathe clueless, hate-mongering anonymous jerks.

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