halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

Of ficathons and such ...

So, the Hidden Connections Ficathon has resulted in some really great fic so far. Out of 34 possible fics, 20 have been written (including my own finally, LOL), and kisses to everyone who made the deadline! I'm hoping the other 14 will get around to theirs when they can. But some of those assignments were HARD!

I love seeing how the writers are reading each other's fics (for the most part). I met my LJ bf, the fabulous foxxcub, through a fic challenge, so hurrah for challenges and ficathons! (And I still haven't rewritten the ending of that fic, LOL. That was back in February!) Now I just need to write the Kinkathon fic! *sweats*

There is so much good fic going on right now! There's a darker mood these last few weeks ... or is it just the authors I'm reading, who like to give me goosebumps and then rip my heart out of my chest? Any thoughts? Is there a fanon zeitgeist? Are we spinning darker and more mysterious and sadder tales while we wait for the show to come back? Or, again, is that just my reading list? Was T.S. Eliot wrong? Is August the cruelest month? I guess maybe it is if you're anxiously waiting for September.

*less than a month!*

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