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An Indefinite Amount of Time (Sawyer fic)

Title: An Indefinite Amount of Time
Rating: R for graphic violence, language
Summary: Sawyer meets up with the real Sawyer
Spoilers: Up through “Outlaws." Completely speculative fic. No idea if this is *anywhere* near the actual plot of that episode or not. Also if you’ve never seen the original “Get Carter,” spoilers here.
Note: Pretty much what you’d expect from this scenario. Nothing fancy, just revenge served cold. Inspired mostly by this not-so-spoilerish promo photo.

Sawyer sat in the rented car just outside the streetlights’ reach, the gun in his lap, the last few jolts of whiskey still revving through his system.Read more...Collapse )
Tags: lost: gen fic, lost_fic, lost_fic_s1, sawyer

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