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Recs - go read these NOW!


themoononastick just wrote me the most amazing drabble. I jokingly asked for a Jack/Sawyer/Kate/Boone fic and she came up with this: Red. GUH. I'm officially dead now. It's beautiful and hot and angsty and fucking poetic.

And kho wrote me yummy birthday pr0n! It's Jack/Sawyer, so there's a touch of angst, but mostly it's just good, smutty, incredibly healthy (and HOTT) fun: Mutually Beneficial.

And I didn't pimp strutterms's kill-me-already gorgeous and super angsty get-out-your-kleenex Jack/Sawyer fic Dream Lover yet. *shoves you toward fic*

I LOVE YOU GUYS! And how incredibly spoiled am I by my f-list?
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