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Character Assessments (A List of Questions)

So when I was moving last weekend, I came across an old paper from college. I think I either came up with this list for something I was writing or about a boy I liked. Of course now that I'm a ficaholic, I can't help but think it's kinda useful for assessing characters. Like Sawyer! (Help me, I can't stop writing Sawyer fic!!)

So, here's the very long, possibly amusing, possibly helpful list:

Character Assessments: Being a series of questions designed to determine character and behavior

1. Would he speed?
2. Would he hit and run?
3. Would he toss a cigarette (or other litter) from a moving car?
4. Would he steal something small [Big guffaw when applying this to Sawyer!]
5. Would he steal a car?
6. Would he eat somewhere without paying?
7. Would he evade police? [Again with the guffaw.]
8. Would he sell drugs?
9. Would he provoke a fight?
10. Would he hit back if attacked?
11. Would he use a weapon if attacked?
12. Would he kill someone?
13. Would he hit a woman?
14. Would he report a crime if he knew about it?
15. Would he mix drugs and alcohol?
16. Would he drink and drive?
17. Would he consider suicide?
18. Would he commit suicide?
19. Would he serve on a jury?
20. Would he serve in a war?
21. Would he leave the country to avoid serving?
22. Would he serve in the Resistance?
23. Would he marry a girl he impregnated?
24. Would he pay for (or approve of) an abortion?
25. Would he stop police brutality?
26. Would he/did he get a college degree?
27. Would he/did he ever get married?
28. Would he sleep with more than one person at a time. [Hello!]
29. If he were famous, would he grant interviews?
30. Does he play sports?
31. Does he like to sleep late?
32. Does he like to stay out late?
33. Does he like to dance?
34. Does he like to go to concerts?
35. Dos he like films, plays, poetry readings?
36. Does he watch TV?
37. Can he cook?
38. Can he sew?
39. If called on to deliver a speech, would he?
40. Would he publish his memoirs ever?
41. Would he have pets? If so, cat or dog?
42. If adopted, would he look for his parents?
43. If rich, would he give money to charity?
44. Would he pose nude?
45. Would he cheat on his income tax?
46. Would he raise his illegitmate child if he's the only relation alive?
47. Is he a voyeur?
48. Would he be late to work?
49. Would he sell state secrets?
50. Would he save someone from a burning house or from drowning?
51. Would he accept the priest before being executed?
52. Would he accept a blindfold before being executed?
53. Would he be a good father?
54. Will he live a long life?
55. Would he go on welfare if unemployed?
56. Would he bounce a check?
57. Is he a good leter writer? [BWAH for Sawyer!]
58. Would he avenge the death of a loved one?
59. Would he yield to torture? [Ahem!]
60. Would he blackmail anyone?
61. Would he become a cannibal rather than die?

So -- quite the list, eh?


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