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Lost DVDs, post the 2nd or 3rd

I wish there was a Josh commentary! :-(

And since we know that James "Rockford" Garner gave his personal approval to Josh Holloway, I'm wondering if that's where they got his real name. James. Rockford. James Ford. Eh? OK, don't mind me. I've had a bit of wine.

So I just watched the commentary on The Moth. Still HATE that episode but it's so much better with commentary. I mean, could that fucking moth be any more cheesy? No it could not. Kate and Charlie have the worst backstories. They JUST DO. Apart from Michael. (Special - still the WORST. EPISODE. EVER.)

Things I was happy to learn:

Evi, newbie that she is, objected to bad dialogue! Good for her, even though she was overruled. However, I strongly object to the assertion that she always finds a way to make bad dialogue work. She doesn't. But it's nice to know she can spot bad dialogue from good. I hope she at least protested the "Jack, Boone died" line.

Everything Dom says is slashy. I love Dom so much more than Charlie.

The actor playing Liam is ridiculously good looking. And a Yankee!

Josh cleans his dimples out with Q-tips. Heh.

Um, the prods think that the cave-in convinced us all. *cough* Yeah, love the styrofoam boulders.

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