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S2 spoiler hints from ABC-7: What's in the hatch?

NOTE: I am posting these because they were very mild and in the mainstream media. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW any actual insider spoilers, please!!!

Last night, after they reran the season finale, ABC-7's George Pennacchio ran clips of interviews from the Lost DVD release party and the cast dropped a few hints about what's in the hatch and what's to come for this season. (mild spoilers)

Maggie: "I think there will be some sharp intakes of breath very early on in the season. There's certainly some revelatory moments coming up."
Damon: "Somebody else is going to die. I don't want to kill anybody, ever, but I think because of what it is, it's a gladiator arena and the audience wants blood."

Q: Will devoted fans appreciate what's inside the hatch?
Foxy: "Absolutely. Absolutely. They'll be blown away and they're gonna dig it."
Harold: "Some people are gonna be like, 'Whoa, that's great!' and some people are gonna be like, 'That's ridiculous,' but they're all going to try to see where it goes."
Yunjin: "It's a living thing. Whether it's a monster ... it could be a monster or a polar bear, we don't know."
Dom: "We find out what's in the hatch Episode 1. We're going to introduce four or five new characters. We're going to find out why there was a polar bear on the island."
Evi: "Devoted fans are going to have a heyday because they get so many questions answered. I think they're almost overly generous in Season 2 with answering questions."

Also, from the ABC-7 web site, more info on the character being played by Cynthia Watros:

A new actor is preparing to get Lost. Former soap and sitcom star Cynthia Watros is on board for season two. Watros' character, named Libby, was a therapist in her life before becoming stranded on the unknown island. Executive producer Damon Lindeloff (sic) mysteriously says the newcomer's character will bring a flavor to the show that doesn't exist right now.
Lost debuts on September 21st.


Also, inthekeyofd - that flash in the promo you were talking about - was it the word
"quarantine" ? Or were you talking about something else?
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