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Why I hate Ana Lucia, regardless of who plays her

(So much for staying away from LJ. ;-D)

From here:

Also in attendance was big screen star Michelle Rodriguez, who has just joined the cast, and hunky leading man Matthew Fox. With many fans expecting to see a bit of romance between their two characters, Matthew hinted that a little intrigue may indeed be in the pipeline. "We've been 40 days on this island dealing with very intense things and not a lot of room for romance," he explained. "Any time people are in extreme circumstances, there have to be moments where people need physical contact and a feeling of being safe."

NOOOOO! Jack dosn't need physical contact with Ana Lucia!!! Please God no! And he'll feel safe with her because they're both alcoholics? :-/

For me it's not just that this role is being played by an actress who I really, really don't like. It's the whole idea of bringing in some new character who we don't know and don't care about at all and very likely won't warm up to and just throwing her at a character we already know and love! It's an insult to the audience. If there's going to be romance, it should logically be between characters who've already been together for the whole 40 days! Not some new person! I mean, we have the C/C and S/S but when it comes to the main characters, they have to import someone new?!

I know, I know: It's part of the age-old TV reasoning which is that you can't have your leads get together for ages, but just hint and tease the audience forever until we're all ready to throw things at the TV. One of the tried and true obstacles is introducing a new love interest for one of them and then the other party gets jealous but in the meantime the audience is yelling "No, no, no, nooooooo!" and vomiting and possibly changing the channel. I am NOT HAPPY about this at all. It just smacks of Alias Season 3 all over again - a season so bad that JJ Abrams publicly apologized for it.

God, I hope it just ends up being some flirting and that's it. Lord knows Jack could use some light moments. But if that one horrible scene in Exodus, Part 1 was any indication, this whole new "relationship" is going to be a trainwreck: out of character, badly written and also COMPLETELY UNWANTED.

So here's the poll:

Ok, once again, how do you feel about Ana Lucia?

Hate the actress, hate the character
I'd hate the character no matter who was playing her
I'm waiting to see what they do with her character
Oh, it's fantastic. I couldn't be happier about her joining the cast and being paired with Jack.

ETA: I'm trying to rack my brain and think if a late addition love interest to any dramatic show has been a good thing. Buffy? Nope. I mean, Riley was tolerable but such a placeholder. Alias? Um, no. Roswell? No. Anyone have a good example where you actually liked the new person more than the existing lead character?
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