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Lost hiatus - a retrospective

*warning, ultimate geek post*

So, 31 hours until Season 2! I thought I'd spend part of that recounting the fun that was fandom over the hiatus. In rough order:

a) OMG, UK promos of sex!!
b) Foxy becomes the hottest man alive as Details magazine interview, EW cover and many more photo shoots and photo ops prove. All hail the new abs!
c) Where is Josh?
d) OMG! Josh is back! What has he done with his hair? And why is he wearing that awful shirt?! (And for that matter, who is dressing Evi?) And finally - whew, he looks great again! Wow, was I that shallow? *hangs head*
d) AUs pwn fandom: Hillbilly fic! Jack/James!
e) Jack-nursing-Sawyer fics are my crack and they are wonderful and plentiful. Long live fanon.
f) Punky reggae party at lostsquee - vive le picspam!
g) Ficathons:
Boone ficathon. Because we all love Boone now, in retrospect.
Hidden Connections ficathon: 22 fics! Woo!
Kinkathon! (I have yet to write mine! but hot smut is always good)
h) Maggie Grace - hot, hot photo shoots. Everyone's favorite girl crush now.
i) Lost DVDs! Bloopers! Slashy commentary! J/S is officially canon!
j) Foxy and Josh can't open their mouths without encouraging the slash. Which is why we love them. Is it all Dom's fault, somehow? ;-D
k) LOST WINS EMMY FOR BEST DRAMA! Manhugs and gropings abound.
l) Crazed anticipation and niggling doubts about S2. Just bring it on!

If I've forgotten anything, please speak up! I'm sure your hiatus highlights (Bride & Prejudice, maybe?) were different than mine, for the most part.
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