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Damn, could we all *be* more excited? I watched Foxy on Kimmel last night and first, the man looked GREAT! And Kimmel (such a fanboy as inthekeyofd says), said he should have been nominated for a lead actor Emmy (damn straight!) and that he was overlooked only because he's too damn handsome. ;-D And Foxy just laughed and was very gracious and talked about how thrilled he was for the show in winning. Kimmel asked who got the drunkest at the afterparties and Foxy said, "Normally, that would be me," but that it was in fact Jorge, who usually doesn't drink but was going around giving everyone bear hugs. (Josh wasn't mentioned. :-( )

ETA 3: If you missed it, Kimmel spot is up here at Lost-Media.com.

And then they had yet another new promo for S2 with new footage of -- it had to be -- Sawyer coming to the surface amidst the burning wreckage and gasping for air. AAAAAAAAH! THAT'S what I've waited all summer for. I wonder if that will actually be in the premiere or if they're just teasing us mercilessly.

OMG, 12 hours!!

And OK, Interpol concert!

I had to work so I couldn't get to the Greek Theatre until 8:45 (show started at 7:30) and it was perfect timing! The band didn't go on until 9! They were so awesome, but I have to say it's disconcerting (oops, pun), to see people dancing and wiggling their hips to Interpol. Head and toe tapping, yes, but out and out dancing? That was strange. But everyone went nuts for "Evil" (rightly so) and it was fun to have a whole arena singing "But hey who's on trial?" They came back for two encores but they never did sing "NYC." Which bummed me out a little. I didn't get home until 11:30 (getting out of the parking lot took a while) and by then I had left my dog home alone for six hours! And amazingly, no puppy mess! So a great evening, overall! OK, off to work!

ETA: I was very lucky because it had been raining and thundering all over LA until the afternoon and then it cleared up completely. Which is good, because the Greek Theatre is an open-air venue, so rain = eep! I forgot to mention I was way off to the left side of the stage so I didn't even see the drummer except during a bathroom break and on the jumbotron screen. But I had a great view, other than that. I'm back there in 9 days for Keane. Yay!

ETA 2: Set list, thanks to an Interpol board:

Next Exit
Slow Hands
Say Hello to the Angels
Public Pervert
Not Even Jail
Hands Away
Obstacle 1
Take You on a Cruise
Obstacle 2
Specialist (dedicated to someone who gave Paul a doll, he said)
And after the last song, Sam and Paul hugged and walked off stage with their arms around each other. Sooo cute! Boytouching! ;-D

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