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Lost S2 premiere

Because even though I'm hours behind everyone else, I want to write a review too! *stamps foot*

And due to new time change it's too late to talk to foxxcub. :-( And sis didn't answer phone, so PHOOEY!

My thoughts:

Ok, that was SO not Sawyer in the shower in that promo, LOL. But we are still promised lots of shirtless Sawyer! *holds prods to promise*

At the beginning, I did NOT think we were in the hatch, but in someone's flashback. Like Locke or Christian. (It looked like the '70s, after all.) And the decor and jumpsuit or whatever was straight out of 'Planet of the Apes'. Dude! I swear they'll be saying that was their inspiration (or Soylent Green, LOL) on the commentary.

I kept going 'it's just like Mari's fic!!' As it progressed, with Jack and Locke arguing over the hatch and then the confrontation in the cave and Jack stepping up and finally being a leader. And Charlie being a stupid ass. Sorry. He's bugging me again, big time.

Shannon rocks. Walt creeped me the hell out. Didn't see THAT coming. Totally thought it would be Boone she saw. CREEEEEPY.

I love Young Idealistic Doc Jack. The floppy hair was inexcusable. Surely they could afford a decent wig? But loved "I'm intense." YES YOU ARE JACK. And that's why we love you. When he has that moment with Sarah, "I will fix you." Gah! See, any other actor couldn't see that for me, but Foxy did. And then it was totally doctor-patient recovery sex when she discovers she can wiggle her toes. Oh, Jack. You never had a chance, you big sensitive, overachieving goob. *pets him* I still want to know why she's no longer in the picture. I'm thinking the pity marriage blew up, she left, he hit the bottle. In fanon Jack's been a runner and yes, canon too now! Can canon alcoholic!Jack be far behind?

I no longer like Kate. She's gone over to the dark side (Mari, again!) And I just read a new interview that makes me think, yep, Evi -- don't like her. At all. So, yeah, as of this moment, I wouldn't care if another female presented herself to Jack, it's just ... urgh. I wish it had been different casting. :-/

Electricity! You think Sayid could have followed the damn cable a little more? You got no stick-to-itiveness, Sayid!

Hurley was in a psych ward. Heh.

I didn't expect Scottish guy to turn up again as Mr. Hatch, but was it just me or was the ankle examination scene kind of slashy? Not that I WANT there to be Jack/Desmond slash. *shakes head violently*

I feel like there was less and more than I wanted. Like I knew there'd be no Sawyer but ... dammit, I want my Sawyer! I love Jack but it's all about Sawyer! *Summer Jack lovin' aside* And I am feeling let down. Yeah. *nods again* I am. Not satisfied.

Ok, I'm going to go read everyone else's thoughts.
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