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Evi in Life magazine - or why she suddenly bugs me liek whoa

You know, I don't want to be an endless source of negativity and actress bashing, but ...

This is from Sept. 9. I haven't seen it posted anywhere else but came across it going through my stack of newspapers.

The sexy castaway of the ABC hit Lost reveals her rebel side.

Are you ever a "bad girl" like your character, Kate?
When someone treats me just as a pretty girl, that's when the razors come out.

So you've got her tomboy factor going on?
I once broke open a guy's lip for touching my [rear]! I also challenged [co-star] Matthew Fox to a push-up contest. I said, 'If you're gonna be my hero on the show, prove you can be."

(And that, ladies and gentleman, is where I decided that I just don't like her. I mean, WTF?? For one thing, he's an established star, he's the star of the show and you're a newcomer and should be grateful for the job. That just really rubbed me the wrong way. Plus, dude, he can act circles around you in his sleep. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Maybe it was meant to be playful or something? Even so....)

Who won?
By the skin of his teeth, he did.

Kate has a criminal background. What's your worst crime?
That I've been caught for? [Laughs] I'm a terrible, terrible driver. I try to take the high road with cops, but once I drove through a police roadblock. They were on foot, so I was able to get away.

For real? Have you told that story before?
I haven't. I keep it under wraps in case one of the cops remembers.

Any embarrassing moments for you on the new Lost DVD?
The most humiliating thing is, they've put our auditions tapes on it. For mine, they kept the camera rolling even when I wasn't acting. It's, like, me trying to schmooze the producers into giving me the job.

So you've watched it?
I'm terrified to.

(What happened to her 'I'm a missionary and it's wrong to take off your clothes' persona? Suddenly she's a badass? Who punches guys and challenges costars and outruns the police? I know different interviews have different slants but this ... seems odd to me.)

It's this, coupled with this interview where she went to Rwanda, of all places, for some R&R just makes me not like her anymore.

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