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More thoughts on Lost premiere

Or, why I'm not gung-ho about it.

First of all, I've never been dying to know what's in the hatch. There are other things about the island and the characters I'd rather learn first. So it was never a priority for me.

And then the revelation really was more of an "OK. Huh," rather than "Wow. OMG!" I'm just waiting to see what they do with it and where they go now and what it means. In and of itself so far, well, it's just got the potential to be cool. I don't think it's cool yet.

The Walt appearance was definitely the most mindblowing part of the episode. It raises so many questions and it was just eerie and heartstopping and completely unexpected. That's the show I love.

I'm totally in Jack's camp, in case anyone had any doubts. ;-D Which is why I'm back to my intense dislike of Kate. She can't have Jack's back for a single second. She's just not a team player. But then again, who on the island is? I do like watching the group dynamic and the power struggles and shifting alliances. But dammit, who would trust Locke after what happened to Boone. Remember, Kate, Boone died? How quickly they forget.

I guess I should be happy that Kate isn't just "the girlfriend" and has a mind of her own but that doesn't mean I have to like her. I really disliked her after WTCMB and I don't need to like her, it's just ... I want to know more where she's coming from, still. THAT has always been of more interest to me than what's in the hatch. But I don't have a lot of confidence that when it's revealed that it'll mesh with everything we know so far. So far, she's just a patchwork character. Kind of like Evi in real life, I guess. I'm sad I don't like her anymore. :-/ And yes, that is coloring my feelings on Kate too. Dammit. I don't want to be disliking anyone on my show!

I'm in the minority in liking Jack's flashbacks. Yes, we've had lots of them already and I didn't expect we'd see the beginning of the Jack/Sarah story since we already knew she recovers and is able to walk and marries him. But Foxy totally sold it in those moments where he connected with her. "I will fix you." And then when she can move her toes. Maybe it's sappy, but it totally worked for me. And how good an actor is he, because despite OMGWTFfloppyhair! I was convinced he was younger and less sure of himself. I love that he's always struggled with leadership and how to talk to people.

My only quibble with the flashbacks is that they're not realistic to how memories work in real life. When we think of something that happened long ago during some current stressful situation, we might go back to any number of incidents in our lives. But not a series of unfolding, related incidents over the course of a day or so. I mean, would he be thinking of Sarah and her recovery all through this business with the hatch? Doubtful. But hey, that's a TV convention and I'm not getting hung up on it. Just maybe that's one of the reasons viewers can get tired of the flashbacks. Because at a certain point, the lesson they're illustrating is just too pat - especially as taken as part of an entire backstory. Individual, unrelated memories would be more realistic, but not serve the same storytelling purpose of course. And damn, I could have said that much more succinctly.

In conclusion: Hmmm. I wasn't as blown away as I'd hoped for. I'm disappointed and sad that I'm out of step with fandom now, I guess.

I hope next week is better, mostly because SAWYER! Again, I've always cared more about the rafters than the hatch. And when I tuned in ABC for Lost, the last few minutes of "Destination Lost" were playing and how telling that they reversed the order of the finale. Hatch, then raft. Because the raft was the more dramatic storyline.

The hatch (despite guns being drawn) - just isn't that dramatic. So far. :-/

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