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Sawyer! My friends!

Ok, post # 4 today.

First of all, overdue declaration of LOVE (on LJ and far, far beyond) for foxxcub and uberaeryn. They know why. Now, more than ever! (LOL, that's the most meaningless advertising phrase but in this case it's true!) I don't deserve you guys! *sniff*

One more (nonspoiler) theory why the premiere was a bit disappointing: Not enough storylines! After the jampacked finale, I think I wasn't satisfied with just one island storyline and one flashback storyline. It felt off and THAT's maybe what threw me about the ep. The pacing was different. I mean, I'm the first to lament the lame B and C plots sometimes but I guess I missed them. Because the A plot wasn't grabbing me as much as everyone else. And ok, enough whining about that!

Looking forward to next week. A few thoughts. Join me if you've seen the Canadian promo or don't mind mild spoilers. Please note, I don't want to know any more spoilers than I am bringing up here. PLEASE!

So you know how every Lost fic has Sawyer wounded and near death and being dragged back to shore by Michael or Jin or both? Well, in the Canadian promo, it shows Sawyer giving CPR to Michael. Which puts a whole new spin on that. I mean, did he get shot or not? But suddenly, instead of Sawyer at death's door, we have him being a hero. Which gives some nice closure to that conversation with Michael in Exodus, Part Two. Sawyer is a hero. He always had it in him. Even though he said, "I ain't no hero," there he'll be, saving the life of the very person he said that to.

I was thinking (hoping! praying!) this was another Sawyer backstory but now according to Lost-Media.com. It's going to be a Michael ep. :-/ Shoot! Because all along I thought it would be Sawyer slipping in and out of consciousness and flashing back and now it's Michael? Well, you all know I'm biased and Sawyer is my favorite character so that is a disappointment.

But, as foxxcub pointed out, Sawyer might still be injured and in great pain and overcoming all that, making his heroism all that much greater. Even if we're getting it all from Michael's POV.

Augh! Why do we spend so much time speculating about this and putting ourselves through the wringer? It's just that I LOVE the fics that portrayed near-death Sawyer so much. foxxcub's "Drifting" and ficangel's "Offstage Lines" and eponine119's "Anathema" and so many more. And then frisky, recuperating Sawyer. Those were great too! (Nods to uberaeryn and kho and lillyjk.)

So, argh, anyway, I hope next week will be great but I have to dial back my expectations again. I don't want to go into the massive tailspin I went into after the premiere last night. I was depressed all day. :-(
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