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New Lost promo for 'Adrift'

During Desperate Housewives, they showed a Lost promo with new footage for 'Adrift.' For those of you who tape or TiVo, it's 20 minutes in.

Specifically, footage of (what looks like) Sawyer surfacing and gasping for air amid burning wreckage, Michael sinking underwater and Sawyer pulling him onto wreckage of the raft and screaming with pain and/or effort. Definitely more than we got last week! Eeeee! Hero!Sawyer! But still, it just made more sense the other way around, didn't it? I mean, Sawyer got shot. Didn't he? *clings to fanon* I dunno. Maybe Michael gets bonked on the head by something.

OMG, is it Wednesday yet? And in case you didn't know, they're rerunning "Man of Science, Man of Faith" before "Adrift."
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