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Tonight! Finally!

Let me be the 3,000th LJer to squee that tonight we finally get SAWYER! OK, maybe not a Sawyer backstory *grumble* but Hero!Sawyer is just fine with me too. FUCK YEAH!

Eeeee. Is it tonight yet?

I'm actually rather busy today, so that's good. I actually have work to do this week, LOL. Yay for me and the bank balance.

So I've tried checking out some of the other new fall shows a bit late and I wasn't very impressed. Threshold and Supernatural seem like subpar X-Files episodes. People aren't copying Lost so much as they're still trying to rip off X-Files! Supernatural was better because the leads are cute and likable enough. But I gave up on the show before the end because I just didn't care if they caught the beastie of the week or what. I missed Kitchen Confidential this week. I guess TiVo and I didn't have the right conversation there, although it'll tape weird random shit I have no interest in. Go figure.

Caught Malcolm David Kelley on Kimmel. They showed the clip of Walt and I thought - let's say you missed the premiere ep and you were going to catch it tonight for the first time. Way to blow that surprise. But really, who is in that camp?

And you know Firefly never did much for me, right? (Sorry flist.) But if someone were to post that Firefly/Lost crossover fic they mentioned to me, then yeah, that would be extra cool. You know who you are. DO IT! ;-D

What else ...? Kinkathon fic is still trying to get written. Given how much thought I've devoted to it, it should be done by now but fever and work and stuff kind of got me.

In conclusion: SAWYER!! *and please don't let Michael's backstory suck*
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