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My ABC channel isn't coming in at all!!!

It was fine 20 minutes ago, then I have to go clean up a broken window (lovely, yeah) and I come back and I get NOTHING!


And Lost starts in 17 minutes!!

ETA: 9:06 pm

Still no FUCKING ABC. Neighbor's cable is out too. But I've arranged to borrow a tape from a friend tomorrow. I'm going to drive to her work to pick it up as early as humanly possible. FUUUCK.

ETA 2: The automated message tells me there is an outage in my area and that they're working on it. BASTARDS. And they'll call back between hours of 9 am and 9 pm to let me know it's been restored. Yeah, suck on this, you fucking lowlife useless motherfuckers.

And I'm still unspoiled, but now foxxcub tells me that I'm going to hate Michael even worse than I hate my cable co. now after tonight. I KNEW IT! *Urgh - saves anti-MIchael rant until I actually see the ep - it's not Harold, I swear, he just has the worst episodes EVER.*

OK, I'm staying off LJ now until I see the episode sometime tomorrow.

ETA 3: So my cable came back sometime well after 10 pm and before midnight. Fat lot of good Kimmel and Oprah reruns do me now! As a very small consolation, I'm getting a credit in my cable bill for today because I stayed on hold for half hour to speak to a live person and vent.

ETA 4: I just realized, as I'm trying to fall asleep around 2 am, that in trying to switch from cable to "air" reception, I didn't actually unplug the cable connection and switch to the antenna. I was just changing the TV prefs and frantically monkeying around with the rabbit ears ... which weren't connected to anything! Augh! I was too distraught earlier to even think of that. Oh well, tomorrow, a tape will be in my possession (gah, I hope!) and I can rejoin LJ and all will be be well. Sadly, though, that won't fix the lame Michael flashbacks. At least I can fast-forward through them!

Thanks to everyone who suggested lost_eps. No 2.2 uploaded yet but I'm still checking!
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