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Lost review: Adrift

OK, now that I've finally seen it, here's my review.

First of all - SAWYER!!! Bleeding! Taking out his own bullet! Fuck. I love me some wounded, angry, pissed off Sawyer.

He was the ONLY good thing in this ep because the rest was complete caca. Wow, did that play out differently than we'd all expected. I see there's already a die_michael_die comm and I'm going to go join and pimp the hell out of it. Sawyer gets SHOT trying to save your son and you tell him it's all HIS fault? Ungrateful bastard is putting it mildly. How funny we were all expecting Sawyer to be all modest about saving Michael's life, but damn right, he had to toot his own horn because no one else would!

And yeah, I skipped most of the backstory but did we get any new info there? I mean, in the hospital in "Special" Susan had already asked him to give up his claims to Walt. And that was already the most boring episode of all time, so why give us a second run of the exact same thing? GAH! Whoever wrote this episode should be shot and left to the sharks.

This was definitely worse than last week. It was 75% filler! What was, that, about 30 percent of the same footage even? I guess Matthew Fox got to go surfing instead because there was no new footage of him at all.

I did enjoy Kate taking time out for a candy bar before her escape. Sensible girl! And I'm sure Kate lovers enjoyed her squirming to get out of her bonds.

Last week's I would have given 2.5 stars.
This week's I give 2 and just for Sawyer. Michael, you SUCK. I can only imagine how great a Sawyer backstory here instead would have been.

At this rate, we'll be at no stars soon -- although we may finally get some action and new fucking scenes. And a decent backstory? However, great cliffhanger for next week, even though I've seen spoilery photos. So it looks like Ana Lucia is being held captive with our boys and not leading 'the others?' Or is that some kind of ploy? Because from all I've heard, she is their de facto leader. Hmm. We shall see.

In conclusion: Please let Michael die so that we aren't subjected to Lost: Endless Custody Battle, Part 3.

Yay! Now I can go catch up on the rest of LJ -- after I get some work done! And get my window fixed.

I should add, even though this episode was definitely subpar (again!) I'm not upset, mostly because I got a big heads up from foxxcub that it both blew and sucked. And because I spent a week's worth of freaking out last night about not being able to see the ep so just getting to see it was rather Zen. But next week, c'mon guys, you owe us!!
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