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So I think I figured this out...

My posts that weren't showing up on the flist weren't backdated (this time). But they were posts I had first posted privately, while I worked on them some more, and then changed to "public" and changed the date/time. And I guess when you do that, it doesn't show up on your friends' flists. I do this all the time with fic, but then I'm usually linking to it from outside my LJ so it was never a problem.

So here's what you may have missed.

Caps and recap of Josh in Cold Heart. (Although this was linked from holloway_daily)

I think there was one other friends-only post in there somewhere too.

And now I know why this one post way back when never got any response!

Thoughts on the Lost OTP: Jack/Kate/Sawyer
I named dropped like crazy so I was kind of disappointed when no one read it!
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