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So foxxcub pointed me to this site where people ask for fics from obscure fandoms.

And here's a few that I'd consider writing, not that I actually will because eep, so behind already and being attacked by new bunnies daily. But I'd probably read fics with these pairings:

Angels and Insects: Matty Crompton/William Addison
Atlas Shrugged: Francisco dAnconia/Hank Rearden (OMG, it's been SO long since I read that book. Hee. Like, ages.)
Battlestar Galactica (original): Apollo/Starbuck
Blackadder: Blackadder/Lord Percy. (BWAHAAAAA! *wipes tear from eye*)
Blade: Blade/Deacon Frost
Blade Runner: Any (Mmmmm!)
Bourne Identity Movies: foxxcub saw requests for *no* smut but looks like plenty of people are clamoring for smut as well, which only makes sense!
The Breakfast Club: Claire Standish/John Bender. (Yeah!)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: Butch/Etta/Sundance. (Oooh!)
Captain Blood: Capt. Levasseur/Dr. Peter Blood/Jeremy Pitt (I'd have to refresh my memory on who's who there. But sounds promising.)
Dracula: Dracula/Jonathan Harker
Gallipoli: Archy Hamilton/Frank Dunne (Pretty, pretty boys. The movie *was* pretty slashy, but again, it's been like a million years since I watched.)
Gladiator: Cicero/Maximus (Now this, I could get behind. *snerk* I couldn't ever get into Maximus/Commodus.)
Gosford Park: Robert Parks/Mary (They said "Marie" but I think they mean "Mary." That would be HOT. Mmmm. Clive in his wifebeater!)
Jane Eyre: Anything from Rochester's POV. (Only the angstiest man in literature. Ooooh!)

Ok, stopping now... I'm sure there's lots more.

This kind of blows my mind:
Gone With the Wind: Ashley Wilkes/Rhett Butler. O__o

I'm surprised there's no request for St. Elmo's Fire smut, since I have a secret desire to slash Andrew McCarthy and Rob Lowe's characters from that movie. But then I'd have to actually watch it again, wouldn't I? And I really don't want to.

And eponine119, I see you made a request for "Aspects of Love." What is that?

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