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Lost review: "Orientation"

Checking in from the West Coast with my Lost review.

And the teasing and non-answers continue.

The good: Sawyer being so very Han Solo even while wounded. Go, I'veGotaCunningPlan!Sawyer! Yay for another Jack Man!Crying session. Hurley finding the food. Desmond isn't really a nutter. Kate finding the gun stash. Finally *something* happening in the hatch.

The bad: Another boring and rather pointless backstory. Did nothing for me. I did other stuff while it was on - something I've never done during Lost! Katey Segal, do not collect Emmy, do not pass GO. We were so close to Jack saying what happened to Sarah and then - nah! Because we have to save it for another backstory. And we have to wait to find out how Locke was paralyzed. Jack just letting Desmond go. He's only got answers, dude! *sigh* Maybe he can stumble into Danielle's lair and be her new love slave.

The meh: Because I was mildly spoiled and specced, Ana Lucia's true status was no surprise to me. At least Sawyer (who is really the smartest guy on the island lately since he's the only one bothering to question appearances and form conclusions), was suspicious, just not in time.

I don't really get Jack's behavior here through the whole episode. I love him despite (or because of) the whole Testy Manbitch thing (TM ficangel?) This whole 'faith vs science' thing is starting to be like the 'beach vs. cave' thing -- a totally arbitrary way to split camps that seems like life and death to the characters and a big fat 'Wha?' to the audience. I don't buy that Jack would act like that -- why not push the damn button and sort it out later? Why make it this big 'blue wire/red wire' moment except for the sake of TV drama? It's just spackling the show's themes into the drama in a very slapdash way. Why wouldn't Jack admit he'd met Desmond? What's the big deal? Then he'd have to admit to the existence of miracles or at least coincidence? Or dredge up memories of how he lost Sarah? Maybe it involved pushing a button. *snerk* Oh, I'm not knocking the Man!Crying but I hate them sitting on things like this. I actually really wanted a Jack flashback right then. Becuse, unlike going into the hatch, that's when he WOULD be thinking about Sarah.

Up in the air: Ana Lucia. Too early to call. So far nothing we haven't already seen from MR 20 times before.

My grade: Hovering between 2.5 and 3 stars. I'm tough! I admit it!

Next week: Jin speaks perfect English? Jack sees Kate in the shower. Oh, the Jaters must be going nuts! LOL. I expect an avalanche of Jate shower porn. *dammit, Sawyer, get your ass to the hatch!* And will there also be Desmond/Calvin slash now, heh?

ETA: I think one of my main problems is that they're forcing the Locke/Jack showdown too soon. Over a button. It just doesn't carry the drama it should. And it's all theoretical what the button does at this point anyway. I just can't see them going toe to toe over this, and not right now. So far we're getting Jack challenging Locke at every turn and vice versa but I was expecting more of a gradual build up of hostility and then a big blowout. I'm already tired of this petty back and forth bickering. Plus, we're not only getting that from Locke and Jack but from Michael and Sawyer. ENOUGH BICKERING! It's getting on my nerves. I get enough of that in RL, thanks. ;-D

Right now Locke vs. Jack doesn't feel like the big ideological battle they mean it to be. There's not enough at stake, not enough weight. No one else has taken sides. It's just the two of them pissing on each other. It's just a personal clash and I'd like it to be about more than that. They much too obviously are forcing it to be 'faith vs. science' but I'm not feeling it yet.

And the closed locations are starting to get to me too. I'm already tired of the hatch, especially since we've seen the same scene three times now. Last week, the raft scene went on too long and focused on the wrong things. It should have been more OMG, SHARK! and less "No, it's your fault." I want life and death drama, not petty name calling. OK, tonight the raftaways portion would have been nice and dramatic but I should stop reading any press because I knew exactly how that was going to play out. Adebisi hitting Sawyer in the opening minutes, was shocking though. Made me jump!

ETA #2: Someone who agrees with me
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