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Spec for Lost 2.04 and beyond

So, if you've seen those clips of Ana Lucia abusing our poor boy Sawyer, that's pretty extreme. Grinding her foot into his open wound - his open gunshot wound? And hitting him again and throwing rocks at his head. *pets Sawyer*

See, here's my question. (As I was saying to deej240z.) Right now, she's a villain. Who could possibly like her, unless you hate Sawyer? Sure, they'll try to redeem her or explain why she's such a beeyotch in her inevitable backstory because they delight in presenting someone one way and then turning them around. Like Sawyer- he was a grade-A asshole at first. But he never put anyone's life in danger. And we knew from the beginning that he was a big softie inside. So ... how on earth can they possibly make her likable or sympathetic after this? Good luck pulling that off, writers.

Let's assume that they march the castaways back into camp. Jack sees Sawyer's been mistreated and even if canon Jack doesn't *love* Sawyer, he at the very least should be outraged. Sawyer is still one of his people and Jack doesn't like his people being messed with. He might have been pleasantly surprised to see Ana Lucia again under different circs but if she's been endangering Sawyer's life -- again, good luck getting Jack to think that's a good idea at this point.

They've been hinting about a Jack/Ana Lucia hookup. *groan* So how are they going to make her likable/sympathetic to Jack? Either through a very slow process of redeeming her or else maybe *she* gets terribly injured and has to be treated by Dr. Jack. Or it's the hate sex? On ABC? *sigh* I cannot believe he'd ever give her the time of day, based on her behavior so far. But then again, I thought he'd tell her to fuck off at the bar too.

Oh, and if you haven't read it yet, here's a lovely scenario of Jack and Sawyer being reunited that works with new canon:
Linger by holycitygirl
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