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Jack-Nursing-Sawyer fic recs

Because ... are we going to get this on the show? Mebbe, mebbe not.

Here's my list, as requested by vixerunt.

Written pre-season 2:
Pain Management by eponine119 and its sequel, The Fix: Jack gives Sawyer the heroin.

Drifting by foxxcub and its sequel, A Short Term Effect: Sawyer couldn’t stay out there forever.

Offstage Lines by ficangel This is an unfinished first draft, she says. The most prophetic Lost gen fic going all summer, definitely, so yeah, I'd love to see this finished! *puppy eyes* It's about much more than just Jack/Sawyer but when you get to that, you will not be disappointed. (Sawyer at sea is in Part Two here.)

My entry:
Aftermath: This is all Jack's fault.

Someone else nursing Sawyer:
Anathema by eponine119: Isolated and injured, Sawyer needs care.

With shiny new canon:
Coming Clean by alliecat8. Hot shower fic

Linger by holycitygirl. Sawyer knows he needs to get back to Jack.

Any I forgot? There were a lot of fics where Sawyer's nearly recovered that i didn't include here. I was going mostly for the hardcore nursing angle. ;-D So if I forgot any of those, please let me know!

ETA: Today is the deadline to nominate for lost_fic_awards! So go put in some noms and support your fave fic writers. (Many of the above have already been nommed or won but I'm sure you have some new fics you've enjoyed that should be nommed.)
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