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I'm feeling Halloweenish

It finally feels like fall. And it's October! Halloween month! And the old Goth in me is always happy about that!

Can anyone point me toward any good Edward Gorey icons? Found some! Or Angel icons? I'd like some of early eps, just of Angel himself. Thanks! I saw a cool one a while back but didn't take it. It was very simple and just said 'Vampire' on it. Any ideas who might have done that? It might have been at good_tvicons

Also, I'm insanely excited that these are now out on DVD. Any fans of classic horror (and not gore) check them out!

The Val Lewton Horror Collection. The original Cat People and I Walked With a Zombie (based on Jane Eyre!), among other films. It's film noir meets horror, really. Fantastic stuff. Here's an article about him. A lot of these will be shown this month on TCM too.

Bela Lugosi Collection. I'm really more about Boris Karloff but he did team up with Lugosi several times. If you've never seen The Black Cat, ooh, it's so good and creepy and disturbing.

And I have a few horror film recs.

I Bury the Living - A man filling in at a cemetery accidentally sticks black pins into the lots for the living on the map of the cemetery -- and people start dying! What happens when he puts white pins into the lots for the dead? Low budget, no-name film but it doesn't insult your intelligence.

The Devil Rides out (aka The Devil's Bride) - Satanic cults! And for once, Christopher Lee is the good guy! Man, I love him. In fact, I rather fancy him when he was young - so damn elegant.

The Uninvited - A really great, classic ghost story set on the English coast.
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