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Some Lost spec (very belated)

So I've been too disappointed in this season to get involved in any hardcore spec so far. But now a few things occur to me that have probably already been discussed to death.

- Why was the hatch outfitted with so many guns?
To defend themselves against polar bears? And how interesting it is that *everyone* on the island has come with their own gun stash. Just makes for better drama so I can't say I disapprove. ;-D

- Did I miss what happened to Kelvin's partner? It was a two-man job, right? Kelvin died but what about his partner before that?

- Shoot, I forget whose spec this was now (corellianjedi maybe?) but was Danielle's hijacking of the signal what prevented Kelvin's replacement from showing up? Because no one heard the call? Or did the institute just dissolve?

- Is anyone ever coming? Because at one point someone knew about the island's existence and how to get there and back, to set up the hatch. But after 25 years, the institute's existence seems shaky at best. I guess I'm wondering is the abandonment of the experiment intentional or accidental? Or is the experiment still going on, with new participants?

- And lastly (a bit of fangirling). So far Walt has appeared to Shannon and Jin appeared to Hurley in a dream. Why can't Sawyer appear to Jack! Ok, we got that in a bit of fanfic by holycitygirl, but still ...! Or he could appear to Kate! Why can't the people left behind be wondering and worrying about the fate of the raft or are they too in denial, you think? I guess this week may change that.

Note: I'm *not* spoiled for this week beyond vague rumblings so I'd appreciate keeping it that way. Thanks!
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