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About that big Lost spoiler

I'm pretty sure I've figured it out, simply based on everyone's reactions. I remain unspoiled (and please DON'T TELL ME) but given who on my flist likes which characters, I have definitely ruled out who it's not. Darn it.

I'm going to try to stay out of any show discussions for the next two weeks, even though I know there's lots of meta bubbling around and I even have reasonable, clearheaded thoughts to share on characters I don't like but all that can wait.

And yes I owe people responses on my last few posts and elsewhere but I just wanted to weigh in here before I have to stay off LJ tonight for the new ep! The last new ep in weeks!

Oh, and I claimed Sawyer over at rec50. I'm already doing Sawyer-centric recs at sawyerficrecs so doubling up won't be too hard, I think. And yes, reccing is easier than writing! I may be going back to the same well again but I will try to diversify. And Jack/Sawyer was already taken so that definitely widens the fic possibilities.

And on a completely unrelated note - I really want new Jack/Sawyer icons!! I may be making some for uberaeryn's cracktastic!new comm crack_island even though I'm slammed with work and fic. I have some fun ideas, at least! ;-D
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