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Non-Lost TV

So Lost is on hiatus but Prison Break is back! With a vengeance!

Amazingly good ep. RIP Marilyn (sob!) and LJ's mom (gasp! - although that was really more because of the brutal way it was done and then because poor LJ is on the run and being blamed for it. I think this show is setting a new record for the number of people set up for -- say it with me now "a crime they didn't commit.")

Bellick is an SOB who deserved to be covered in rubber cement and then put on fire. T-Bag is only alive because the plot demands it but I like my psychobilly Oz import, so he stays.

I'm digging Nick, especially in that wifebeater next week and of course he's injured, so yay for hot bandages. (Wot? You knew I was an h/c fiend). Veronica, though, is not only stupid and inept I keep staring at her wondering what is wrong with her face. Bad Botox? Childhood paralysis? WTF? It droops where it shouldn't, around her eyes, and then the rest doesn't seem to move. She fascinates me in a trainwreck kind of way.

I love enraged on a mission Lincoln. I also love ObsessedWithMichael!Sara. And Kitty!Saving!Michael - for all the good that did. :-(

I've also been getting caught up with Invasion. Good. Not great, but good. Watchable, definitely.

And i urge you all to watch Night Stalker. Definitely the only show going now to get that X-Files vibe right, even if you can guess what's going on, still a creepy, moody journey with fantastic cinematography, mostly of nighttime LA. The rest of the shows I've sampled so far this season are all pathetic ripoffs, but this is the real deal. Plus, Stuart Townsend is hot, even minus his Irish accent. And Gabrielle Union - I've always liked her and while I don't love her, she's fine.
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