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OK, I'm declaring my semi, half-assed hiatus over. I'm back, like it or not! ;-D

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Can you be on semi-hiatus?

My heart and head aren't really in Lost fandom right now (since someone spoiled me on the BIG SPOILER by mistake - which I'm pretty much OK with now, just not the spoiler itself) so I'm taking a break from reading fic. I might still write something and read a few fics here and there but please don't take it personally if I'm not reading your stuff. Plus, so many fics seem to be about the spoiler (or new characters *cough*) that I'm not disposed to reading those.

I'll still be doing recs over at rec50 and sawyerficrecs in the meantime. And I'll still be busy at my music comms, of course. I might not be reading my flist quite as thoroughly, though.

(And my banner says "Nov. 10" because it's the next day for most of you by the time I get to weigh in on the new ep.)
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