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Fair Warning (NC-17 fic)

Title: Fair Warning
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer
Summary: Sawyer gives Jack a surprise
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Warning: BDSM
Note: A departure for me! Pure smut. So not what I usually write.

Jack looked over at his outstretched arms, testing to see how much the rope chafed his wrists. Not too bad. Sawyer had finished tying his ankles to the stakes he had already pounded into the ground.

“Last chance,” Sawyer said with a wicked grin as he stood up. His eyes roamed over Jack’s naked body, anticipating what he was going to do to the doctor this time. A light breeze ruffled the leaves on the trees above Jack’s head. The sound, and the feel of the cool air on his thighs, made him shiver.

He nodded at Sawyer. Strangely enough, he had come to trust Sawyer. Well, maybe not completely. There was always that dizzying sense of danger when he was in Sawyer’s hands, when he turned himself completely over to his former rival.

He remembered how it had started, when their latest games of one-upmanship had suddenly turned sexual. Sawyer had snuck up on him, catching him unawares. It was when he’d slipped on the blindfold and started whispering in Jack’s ear that Jack had lost it and Sawyer knew he had the doctor right where he’d secretly always wanted him.

Sawyer brought out the now familiar blindfold and ceremoniously tied it around Jack’s eyes. The last thing Jack saw was Sawyer’s teeth, bared in a wolf-like smile. He shivered again, this time from anticipation. Sawyer loved to tease him and this would be no exception, he knew.

For several minutes, nothing happened. Jack’s nerves were jumping as he thought he imagined first a touch on his waist, then one on his neck, but it was just the wind and the sun, breaking through the overhead canopy to brush his exposed skin. The clearing was completely quiet except for the odd bird call or chirp of insects.

He strained to hear where Sawyer was, but he couldn’t hear anything. Not a breath, not a step. His whole body was like a finely tuned instrument, just waiting for Sawyer to lay his hands on him. And then he felt the familiar touch on his right hip, Sawyer’s warm, slightly calloused hand signaling that they were starting.

All it took was one touch from Sawyer and Jack was hard. But he knew he still had to wait. Sawyer liked to take things slow. He pictured Sawyer’s devilish smile as he watched the effect he was having on him and he bit his lip.

Sawyer’s hand roamed down Jack’s thighs, raising the hair on the backs of his legs. His hand passed lightly down Jack’s back, up and down his arms, tracing the faintest of circles over his yearning body. He was barely even touching him. At times Jack could just feel the movement of air from Sawyer’s hand as it passed over him, achingly not making contact.

Jack started to groan from frustration at the slow buildup. Sawyer liked it when Jack was vocal, which is why they had to go so very far away from camp for their privacy. Jack again pictured Sawyer’s face, wreathed in a sensual leer.

Sawyer’s hands now gripped Jack’s chest firmly, taking a nipple in each hand and rolling each in turn between his fingers. The sudden intense touch had Jack gasping with pleasure. Then just as quickly, Sawyer had gone back to his light, grazing touch. He alternated between lustily groping Jack and those maddening butterfly-soft passes.

By now Jack’s cock was throbbing and his skin was pulsing. The day was warm, despite the cool breeze, and he felt the sweat beading on his forehead and chest. And Sawyer had barely even touched him yet.

At last, Sawyer consented to press his body up against Jack’s. Jack moaned pleasurably to feel how hard Sawyer was, luxuriate in his warmth as he pressed his hips against Jack’s ass, Sawyer’s cock already darting between his legs. Jack instinctively spread his legs, even though he was already nearly as spread-eagled as Da Vinci’s famous sketch.

Sawyer began kissing Jack’s neck, his stubble scraping Jack’s own in that delicious way that made it so much better than a kiss from a woman.

And then Jack felt wet, soft lips on his, and heard Sawyer chuckle in his ear. Startled, Jack just stood there, realizing that Oh my God, there really was another person here and they were kissing him. So this was Sawyer’s surprise!

Sawyer cupped Jack’s ass and a wet finger probed Jack’s backside as the mysterious kisser grew more passionate. It was a woman, and Jack thought it must be Kate. He longed to touch her, to run his hands through her tantalizing curly hair that brushed against his face, adding to the confusing variety of sensations.

Now her hands were running over his chest and she took her mouth from his lips to start suckling on his nipples. Sawyer had a finger inside him by now and Jack tilted his hips back to urge him deeper.

The mouth left his chest and he felt soft breasts pressed into him instead, her hardened nipples grazing just below his heart. His still-hard but sadly neglected cock was now up against a taut belly and he felt whispers of a soft thatch of hair against his thighs. She -- it was Kate, right? -- stood on tiptoe and leaned over Jack’s shoulder and he heard his two partners kissing. Sawyer’s cock twitched against Jack’s balls as he kissed Kate, and Jack decided not to give that too much thought.

And then suddenly they were both gone. Jack was left feeling cold and exposed as they cruelly withheld their touch. “Uh, guys?” he asked, but got no answer.

He heard a woman’s giggle and then the little nonverbal noises became something much more disturbing. They were fucking, those sadistic bastards! They had brought him out here and teased him within half an inch of his life and now they were screwing each other.

Although he was beyond furious and hurt, he had to admit that hearing their moans and Kate’s near-orgasmic whimpering was intensely erotic. Anger flooded him, but it only made him hornier. If only he could grab his own cock and come with them. If only someone had even touched it all during that endless foreplay. He was nearly crying from frustration as he heard Sawyer’s deep, almost animal-like moan, the one that meant he had just come. Several minutes passed and he heard nothing but low whispers.

Jack fought against his bonds. He was going to get free and kick Sawyer’s ass. If this was his way of ending things... He tried to think if Sawyer had any reason to be mad at him. And then he thought maybe this is what Sawyer had planned all along, to lead him on and then dump him as cruelly and ruthlessly as possible. He gasped at the thought. He felt sick to his stomach.

And then Sawyer was back, kissing him. He could taste Kate’s pussy on his lips and he spat at Sawyer. “What the fuck is this?” he started to ask when he felt Kate also clamoring for a kiss and Jack felt himself giving in. Sawyer stepped behind him, giving his balls a goose while he reinserted a finger inside him. Despite himself, Jack’s anger was giving way to lust, although lust intensified a hundredfold with the burning fury and humiliation of what they had just done to him.

He grunted as Sawyer’s finger went deeper. Sawyer always knew the spot ... he knew Jack so well. Jack moaned, hating himself for melting at Sawyer’s touch.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt another set of lips around his cock. He let out an involuntary gasp that turned into a moan as his dick jumped to life at finally being touched. Kate continued to kiss him and pull at the hair on his chest, Sawyer kept working his ass and balls, while the newcomer went right to work deepthroating him.

Jack thought he felt a beard rubbing against his thighs. Sayid? Could it be...? The mental image of Sayid on his knees, giving him head, made Jack dizzy. He was so close to coming ... and then Sawyer withdrew his hand. He grabbed Jack’s hips, pulling Jack down and onto him. Jack inhaled sharply to feel Sawyer inside him at last. The triple assault had his knees shaking. Hands were touching him everywhere, his mouth, his ass, his cock, his balls, were all being stroked or licked or pounded.

As if by a signal, they all stopped. “Oh my God, don’t stop,” Jack moaned, hardly an original sentiment but one that he had never meant more in his life.

And then they started up again in unison, and he only lasted about another 45 seconds. He came with the most intense rush of his life, his every nerve and muscle quaking with blinding pleasure so strong it was nearly pain.

His heart was pounding so loudly it drowned out everything else. A group of birds rose up in a cloud overhead and Jack realized he must have scared them off with his tremendous shout when he came.

Sawyer came a minute or so later, shuddering against Jack's sweat-soaked back with his familiar low moan that always sent a thrill through Jack.

He sagged limply against the ropes, but they held him up, their nude bodies pressed around him in a final sensual embrace. His knees gave way as Sawyer pulled out of him, his skin still ultra-sensitive to even the slightest touch.

Sawyer wrapped his arms around Jack as the other two undid his bonds. “I hope you liked your surprise,” Sawyer whispered in his lover’s ear.

“You’re dead,” Jack said, still furious, despite feeling that post-orgasmic peace steal over his body. “You are one fucked-up asshole you know that?”

”Now just try to tell me that didn’t feel fucking fantastic,” Sawyer said, removing Jack’s blindfold finally. They were alone in the clearing again. Sawyer was grinning at him, obviously pleased with himself.

“It’s just us again,” Sawyer said with a smile as he put his hand on Jack’s knee as they lay sprawled and spent on the ground.

“Was that Sayid and Kate?” Jack asked, looking around for the other two.

“Not saying,” Sawyer said, still looking like the cat that ate the canary. “You want to play again sometime?” he asked huskily.

“No,” Jack said, glaring at him. “Well ... yeah, OK,” he admitted, blushing madly. “But give a guy a little warning next time, will you?”

”Consider yourself warned,” Sawyer said as he pulled him in for a long, slow kiss.
Tags: jack/sawyer, lost fic

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