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Lost fic challenge/meme/thingie

Want to waste some time?

OK, write down these names or print this list:

AaronAna-Lucia Bernard Boone
Claire Charlie Danielle Desmond
Eko Ethan Hurley Jack
Jin Kate LibbyLocke
Michael Rose SawyerSayid
Shannon SunWalt

Cut up all the names and put them into a hat. Draw out two names. If you have ever written a fic with those two characters prominently featured, put the names back and draw again. Now write at least a 100 word fic with those two characters. Add in extra characters as needed. Repeat as necessary.

Optional prompts (also to be drawn from a hat, in the spirit of things):

SandPhotograph Suitcase
Polar bear
HatchWedding ring
VincentSea Urchin Golf clubBattery
Key Wreckage UnderwearBlanket
Alcohol NetTennis shoesBackpack

Same drill, choose one or two items for your fic.

I'm got some very interesting pairings myself and am going to attempt to write later. ;D

OR: Comment and I'll come up with a character pairing for you and a fic prompt!
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