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Keep Your Friends Close - PG

Title: Keep Your Friends Close
Characters: Ana-Lucia, Claire, Kate
Summary: Claire can't help being afraid of Ana-Lucia
Note: Most definitely NOT femmeslash. This came from my own fic challenge to write characters I hadn't written before. These were the first two that popped into my head.
Word count: 738
Feedback: If you like. ;-D Not pressuring anyone to read this one.

“Oh my God, will that baby ever shut up?” Ana-Lucia said, lips drawn back in something too close to a snarl for Claire’s liking. The disgust on her face was plain and Claire felt the same fury shoot through her as when another strange, feral woman had paid too much attention to Aaron. Only this one meant to hurt her baby, she knew.

She nervously eyed the knife strapped to Ana-Lucia’s belt and held Aaron closer to her. She couldn’t help shivering as she patted his back in an attempt to soothe him. She wanted to stop trying to shush him, if that’s what she wanted. But she kept trying to quiet him, as she’d been doing.

“You’re not very maternal, are you?” was all Claire said, her voice shaking. She was afraid of this woman, who, she had heard, liked to settle all arguments with her fists. She walked like a boxer or some predatory cat. She couldn’t have been on the plane, couldn’t have been like this in civilization. She was as wild and brutal as the island. Like Ethan.

“No,” came the amused one-word answer, Ana-Lucia shaking her head as if Claire was the one who was crazy.

She wished she were bigger and stronger, better able to defend herself. She looked around her, starting to panic. She was alone with Ana-Lucia and there was no one else on the beach.

Claire didn’t want to turn her back on her, thinking, maybe irrationally, of wild animals giving pursuit if you ran. She nearly cried with relief when she saw Kate appear a few yards off.

“Kate!” she cried out and started to run toward her. She saw her size up the situation, saw her frown. Kate stepped between the two of them.

“What’s going on here?” she asked, her voice colder than Claire had ever heard it. “Are you bothering Claire?” She wondered if Ana-Lucia knew that back in the world, Kate was probably much more dangerous than she ever was. Ana-Lucia looked Kate up and down, that contemptuous smile coming to her face again.

“You telling me I can’t walk on your beach, girlie?” she smirked.

“You can walk wherever you want,” Kate replied, frost still in her voice, body tense. She eased the backpack she was carrying off her shoulders and put it down on the sand, like she was getting ready to fight. Instead she pointed towards the ocean. “Out there’s nice.”

Ana-Lucia laughed. “Fine. You don’t like me. You think I care? While you girls have been having tea parties over here, I’ve been ....” she stopped and shook her head, looking up at the sky as if for God to bear witness. “Whatever,” she spat and stalked off.

“Oh, thank God you came along,” Claire said when she was out of earshot. “I was so afraid she was going to hurt Aaron.”

“Don’t worry,” Kate said as she smiled down at Aaron, who had finally stopped crying. “She might find that it’s not so safe here on this side of the island either.” She looked beyond the baby, past the horizon and her smile faded.

“What would you do?” Claire asked, chilled by the look on Kate’s face. She knew Kate was some kind of criminal but that was the first time she thought she saw the face of someone who could commit murder.

Kate smiled. She reached down into the backpack and took out a bottle of water and held it up, looking at it for a few seconds before drinking, “If I want to get to her, I can,” she said, wiping her lips. “And hey, we need to stick together, right?”

“Kate, you wouldn’t ... for me?” Claire said, flushed with the idea, not exactly sure how she felt about it.

“Oh, I’d been giving it some thought already,” Kate answered with a sly grin, turning the bottle around in her hands. At the look on Claire’s face, she hastily shoved it back into her backpack. “Only in case of emergency,” she laughed. “I promise.”

“I wish it were still just us,” Claire said, her face puckering into a frown. “Well, Libby’s OK, and of course I’m glad Bernard and Rose are together again....”

“It’s just her.” Kate stared at the spot where Ana-Lucia had stood. “Just our luck, huh?”

“Yeah,” Claire sighed. At least Aaron was quiet now.
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