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Lost fic prompts - random generator!

A few days ago, I posted a fic challenge to spur people to write characters or pairings or interactions they never had before. The ideas was to print a list of character names and object/setting prompts and cut them up and draw them out of a hat and -- voila, there's your fic prompt.

I regretted that I was too old school to come up with a script to randomly generate a set of prompts.

But lo and behold, jcd1013 wrote one for me! And she added more, better object prompts so this really has endless possiblities now. YAAAY! This is so awesome. I'm just blown away!

Go here.

A few brave souls already signed up for my "drawn from a hat" prompts and eponine119 already wrote three new ficlets and they're complely amazing.

So go, get some prompts and write some surprising, unusual fic! ;-D
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