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Jack in the rain - promo shot

You know the promo for "Abandoned?"How it included this shot of Jack in the rain, crouched behind a tree?
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When we didn't get that in the episode, I thought, "Maybe in the next ep." But then, on second thought, the shot looked really familiar. Like maybe it's from "Homecoming."

I looked at the promo again and there's also a shot of Hurley and one of Kate that are probably from previous eps. I think they just threw them all in the "Abandoned" promo to mislead us about who might be the one to go - since Hurley, Kate and Jack (apart from his flashback cameo) weren't in the ep at all.

And here I'd been coming up with scenarios about why Jack would be lying in wait in the rain - something like The Others attacking the camp, before or after the raftees get back. But I think it is going to unfold more like everyone's fics - everyone peacefully going about their business in camp and then they see Jin, Michael and Sayid show up with the Tailies, Sawyer and Shannon's body. And then chaos. :-(

Oh, and if you want to discuss future eps, SPEC ONLY PLEASE! NO SPOILERS! Thanks!
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