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Doctor-Patient Privilege (Jack/Sawyer) - R

Title: Doctor-Patient Privilege
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer
Rating: R
Summary: Shower pr0n!
Note: A bit of fluff, written for uberaeryn's J/S nursing porn-a-thon. ;-D Many thanks to themoononastick and foxxcub for betaing! *smooch* For the fanfic100 prompt "Days."
Word count: 2259

Jack hadn't given anyone a sponge bath since he'd been an intern. But in the last few days, he'd washed just about every inch of Sawyer's body countless times. He could have palmed the job off on someone else; Sun seemed willing, and Kate had actually offered, which made them both blush, but in the end, he decided it had to be him.

And now, after days of confinement with Sawyer -- slaving to save his life, and now tending to his body as he still refused to wake -- Jack had formed an uneasy intimacy with him.

Sawyer's fever was finally gone and the infection under control. But in his weakened state, a secondary infection might kill him. It was easier to keep a sterile environment, or about as sterile as you could get on this damn island, in the hatch, so they had moved Sawyer here.

The washer and dryer, the stores of medicine and an actual bed for Sawyer to rest in were all godsends. And Jack was glad to be able to jump in the shower and scrub away the blood and the fatigue and everything else. He wished he could just throw Sawyer in the shower too, but he'd have to bodily drag him in there and prop him and up and ... hell, that was just too much work.

In his exhaustion, Jack found himself mentally devising some sort of wash-and-wear bed or a hose attachment that would let him speed wash Sawyer like a car or a dog. He actually got as far as thinking how he would word his request to the ever-handy Sayid, or Michael, who had been so eager to rig up primitive showers way back when. And then he imagined the reaction he’d get, both of them regarding him with arms crossed, trying their damnedest not to laugh and then calmly suggesting he get some rest and he let the idea die in his overworked brain.

So for now he had to wash Sawyer by hand, dipping the towel into the basin of hot soapy water, wring out the excess water, and then trail it over his body. He'd been filthy when they'd brought him back and Jack despaired of ever getting him clean, but he'd scrubbed him head to toe until he was probably cleaner than he'd ever been in his adult life.

Jack practically knew Sawyer better than he knew himself by now. He'd memorized the scar from the stabbing and the ugly edges of the new wound. The roughened hands and torn nails and that line of muscle where his hips joined his torso and those dimples on his lower back. They were a matched set to those maddening dimples he'd flash whenever he smiled, except he hadn't smiled in days and you'd never know they were there to look at his face now, slack in unconsciousness.

When Sawyer came to, as he knew he would any day now, he wanted him to know he'd preserved his dignity, that he hadn't let anyone else see him like this. He was a doctor. That made it all impersonal, right?


Sawyer was already better, already responsive to his every touch. Too responsive. He'd sigh and shift his body towards him until Jack would stop, sure that he was awake and just toying with him. But he never opened his eyes and he finally decided that Sawyer couldn't be aware of him except on this primitive sensory level.

I'm just tired. He's just reacting to my touch, Jack reasoned, but he couldn't deny that the more time he spent with Sawyer, the more he got to know his body, the more he felt like a lover and less like a doctor. It was a good thing that the water in the shower was cold most of the time

That's what he told himself as he moved the washcloth over Sawyer's cock, feeling strangely guilty as it stirred to life, growing hard even though he brushed him as lightly as he could. It was just Sawyer's body, reacting the way he would to being touched by anyone. It's not as if Sawyer knew Jack was there. Not like he wanted him.

I'm cracking up, Jack sighed to himself. He finished washing him as quickly as he could and carefully tucked the sheet and blanket back up over Sawyer's naked body.

Trust Sawyer to give him trouble even while semiconscious, he thought with a smile and a shake of his head. And now his own body was rebelling. Clearly, it was getting ideas from Sawyer, because every time he accidentally gave Sawyer an erection, his own cock followed suit. He’d never had this problem before and all the stern talks he gave his penis didn’t help at all.

He stood up, ignoring the urgings of his body, which were along the lines of his crawling into bed with Sawyer and molesting him in his sleep, or trying some very novel ways of bringing him around.

Jack took a last look at him, proud of his handiwork as Sawyer’s shining blonde hair spilled over the pillow, looking for all the world like some kind of scruffy, sleeping angel. Fuck, he needed that cold shower now.

But this time, the water was warm. Dammit, why was it never cold when he wanted it to be? He did have to admit that it felt good as it pounded on the sore muscles in his back and shoulders. He thought of all the time he'd spent tending to Sawyer and, while he didn't begrudge it, he wished he had someone to help ease his body and its aches and needs.

He ran his hands down his chest imagining for a minute that they were someone else's. Continuing the fantasy, he thought of the way Sawyer reacted to him, the way his breath changed, and how his cock grew hard at even the slightest touch. Jack's own dick was stiff and aching and he gave into the heat and moisture of the shower, pretending, just for now, that Sawyer was awake and here with him and that these were his hands on him now.

He shuddered as he came, biting his lip to avoid making any noise, even though it would take a lot more than his groans to wake Sawyer. He leaned, drained, against the wet concrete walls, knowing that when Sawyer did wake up, this strange, one-sided intimacy would be over and then he'd simply have to banish these thoughts for good.

He grabbed a towel and was wrapping it around his waist as he walked back to check on Sawyer. Sawyer ... who was sitting up and staring straight at him.

"Hey, doc. I'd say this is heaven, but you're here and my shoulder is still killing me," he said, voice raspy from not being used.

"Not exactly my idea of heaven either, Sawyer," Jack smiled, hurrying to his side. "You're ... " He wasn't going to bother explaining the ins and outs of the hatch just now. "You're somewhere safe," he said firmly.

Sawyer nodded, still too weak to do much else. "You ... just took a shower?" His eyes roamed over his still-wet chest and Jack's cheeks felt hot.

"Yeah," Jack laughed. "Island living's improved a bit while you've been gone."

"Huh, imagine that," Sawyer said with the faintest of smiles, enough for those long-hidden dimples to reappear.

Jack filled Sawyer in on his condition and he took it all in, eyes never leaving Jack's face. But soon his eyes were closing of their own accord and Jack eased him back down and tucked the blanket around him.

He was glad Sawyer was awake. Really. He was.


The next day, Sawyer insisted Jack show him where the bathroom was and so Jack hovered behind him as he slowly made his way there on his own two feet.

Jack didn't know how to bring up the subject of keeping everything sterile, of how he'd kept him clean, but he had to. He focused his gaze somewhere about Sawyer's chin as he told him he had to submit to more sponge baths.

"Fuck that!" Sawyer said adamantly. "Unless you can get me a hot nurse." He broke into a grin, eyebrows raised in an imitation of the wicked-minded Sawyer Jack realized he'd been missing.

Jack shook his head, unable to stop an inappropriate giggle from escaping. "Sorry, you're stuck with me."

Sawyer sighed. "OK then, point me towards this shower, doc."

"Right, and have you faint dead away and crack your head on the concrete floor. Not. Going. To. Happen."

Sawyer glared, but he shut up -- probably to think of a snappy comeback, Jack guessed. He was more subdued than the Sawyer Jack remembered.

Well, his job was to get him well and whole and soon he'd be cracking wise and driving Jack nuts and everything would go back to the way it was.

He was tired, maybe more tired than Sawyer right now, so he ordered him to stay put and headed to the shower. He'd barely begun to lather himself up when movement caught his eye. Sawyer, naked as the day he was born, was inching towards him, a hand brushing along the wall for support.

"What the hell are you doing up?"

"Well, someone told me I need to stay squeaky clean." He couldn't help noticing as Sawyer's gaze ran over his body. He looked ... appreciative, was the word Jack seized upon.

"You are in no shape to ... Hey!" Jack protested as Sawyer took the soap from his hands and started to run it over his own chest.

"You don't mind sharin', do ya, doc?" Sawyer said with a lazy smile and for a horrible second Jack thought he knew how he usually occupied himself during his showers.

"Sawyer!" Jack began to chastise him in his most authoritarian tone, but the sight of his now very able-bodied patient, eyes closed as he leaned into the hot water, soaping himself, gave him pause.

"Feels like heaven," Sawyer sighed and he stepped closer to Jack, until his leg brushed his.

"Uh..." Jack was suddenly at a loss for words as Sawyer transferred his hands to Jack's chest and rubbed the soap in.

"Figure I owe you." Sawyer's voice was husky and Jack was having trouble concentrating on what he was saying, exactly. "All those baths, and all." Sawyer was talking but all he could concentrate on was those hands he knew so well and how they were making him tremble.

"I didn't think you, um ..." Jack couldn't look away from those sea-blue eyes that were staring straight into his.

"Knew it was you," Sawyer said, closing his eyes now, as if trying to recall all those days spent somewhere between waking and sleeping. "Knew your voice. Just like I know your touch now."

Jack's breath was coming faster now as Sawyer's hands moved lower. "Sawyer, it's just ... neither of us have ... since we've been here, I mean, I haven't ..."

"Me neither, doc," Sawyer leaned in closer now, flesh pressing against flesh, heat spreading through his groin and the ceiling suddenly seeming closer as Sawyer pressed him up against the wall, blue eyes piercing right through him. "Guess it's your lucky day, then." He grinned now, so close, so hot and real and solid and ... fuck ... his hand inched down Jack's thigh and wrapped around his cock.

"Sawyer..." Jack started to say in protest, but as Sawyer moved his hand, gathering speed and intensity, his use of his name turned into a plea. Instinctively, he put his arm around Sawyer's waist, not able to stop thinking of Sawyer as weak and about to collapse.

But then he was the one whose knees gave way as Sawyer brought him, gasping, to the most intense orgasm he could remember -- born of months and months of denial and frustration and longing and now culminating in the delicious release that ran through his body like a shock.

Sawyer was kissing him, drinking in his breath, melting into him as surely as the water which sluiced over both of them. Jack still held Sawyer tight, mindful, through the fire raging in his body, that he had to keep Sawyer from slipping.

The water was growing cold by now and Sawyer was starting to shiver. Jack turned the tap off and then ran his hand through Sawyer's soaking hair. "C'mon," he said, enjoying the most amazing calm as it radiated through him. "Let's get you back to bed."

"I'm OK," Sawyer said, chin resting on his shoulder.

”Didn't say you weren't," Jack smiled, still marveling at the feel of Sawyer's body resting heavily against him. "Just think I can take better care of you there."

"You're the doctor," Sawyer chuckled, tossing his wet hair back. "Just ... we might need another shower soon."

"Thought I might give you another sponge bath," Jack breathed low in his ear as he led him back to bed, arm still around his waist protectively. "Now that you can appreciate it."

"Who said I didn't appreciate all the other ones?" Sawyer cocked an eyebrow at him and while Jack was still trying to figure out how to respond to that, Sawyer was kissing him hard and thoroughly as he backed him towards the bed.

"You're still a complete bastard," Jack said as he ran his tongue over the shell of Sawyer's ear.

"Yeah, but a ridiculously clean one."

"Not for long," Jack said as he settled on top of him.
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