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Upcoming Lost ep synopses/schedule

I just read this synop for "What Kate Did," which airs Nov. 30 (in two weeks).

Kate’s original crime that started her life on the run is revealed. Meanwhile, the survivors lay one of their own to rest, and Kate sleeplessly watches over a feverish Sawyer.

So there's no end in sight for Sick!Sawyer and all the fics that implies. ;-D I like how Jack isn't mentioned. Meaning that I don't like it. Skate fans should be delirious, though, just as delirious as Sawyer! If there isn't some Jack nursing Sawyer though ... *shakes fist.*

I'm curious what will be going on with Sawyer during the week of Nov. 23 -- here's where I'm assuming the bulk of Jack's heroic doctoring happens. The ep is called "Collision" and looks like the Ana Lucia backstory. At one point, they'd listed "Old Habits," the Charlie ep, in this slot, didn't they? Are they shuffling all the eps like crazy this season or what?

Also, according to TV.com and Lost-media.com, the next ep won't air until Dec. 14 and then the next one after that will be January 11. Which means, as foxxcub was lamenting, we will have gone almost a whole year between Sawyer-centric eps. :-(

And from this description of "Merged," the Dec. 14 episode it sounds like we'll be getting flashbacks of the island itself and not any of the characters. (Although perhaps we'll see Desmond again?)

No big spoiler talk, please. Let's just talk about whose backstory airs when. ;-D
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