halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

My new OTP. ;-D

I've strayed from Jack/Sawyer! Into the arms of Wolverine/Cyclops. I read a pretty good fic recced at crack_van and then I decided I simply *must* have more of this movieverse pairing (aka Logan/Scott).

Here's what I've learned:
- Feral!Wolverine makes for primal, possessive (and hot!) sex
- Wolvie's claws are most often used to cut Cyclops' clothes off. ;-D
- It's customary to describe all the delicious ways Scott smells to Wolverine with unusual flavors, like a wine bouquet, e.g., apples, bergamot, aloe.
- In the X-Men verse, mutants are always being forced to do something they don't want to do do, either through mind control, serums or other powers being used against them. Smut ensues.
- Mutant H/C is hawt.
- Empath = voyeurism.
- Every power can be a kink.
- Logan's erection should *never* be described as "hard as adamantium." *cringes*

Here's my favorite author I've discovered so far, and her fics archive: http://www.bantrim.net/Xmen.html. But now I want MORE!

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