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People's Sexiest Man Alive - WTF?

Ugh. No offense if you like Matthew McConaughey but him over FOXY? Just .... no! As for the rest of their list, I have to say I'm in agreement on Patrick Dempsey, Clive Owen and Matt Damon. Oh, ok, and Denis Leary. And uberaeryn, look, they got Keith! ;-D

But WTF on Vince Vauhgn and Ian McShane? Wait, no Hank Azaria? *snerk*

And I'm going to have to restrain foxxcub because DDK and Naveen are both on the list (Naveen is "Sexiest Survivalist" while Daniel's on the Top 15.) Hmm. Not the way I would have voted, there.


If you go to the Web site, there's a number of "body parts" polls and Josh is there for sexiest lips. As much as i love him, I've never obsessed about his lips, necessarily. Umm, what about dimples, smile, abs, eyes, arms? And sadly, he was losing to Ryan Philippe in the lips department when I just voted.

This should have been Foxy's cover and as far as I can tell from the Web, he's not even in the fucking magazine.

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