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Lost review

The Other 48 Days

Dammit, they totally had me going with Goodwin. Of course we knew he was doomed and kept thinking "Man, when's he gonna get it? Ouch!" And also, "Wow, I like him. Why couldn't we get HIM instead of Ana Lucia?" And of course with Nathan being from "Canada" it only cemented our suspicion of him and away from Goodwin.

The actor who played Goodwin looked really familiar. Must go look him up. And what is Goodwin's story? So it was his knife and he's ex-military? Is he affiliated with the Dharma Initiative? And wtf glass eye?

So after all this, when the raftees show up, Ana sees another ploy. And another Goodwin in Sawyer. He's too good looking to trust! (But how would she explain him having a gunshot wound since as far as they know, no one on the island has guns? Not likely to shoot himself to escape detection so ... yeah, that doesn't add up. Clearly there's someone else after our heroes, if she'd just stopped to think about it, or asked for a more detailed explanation.)

I liked this ep. Didn't love it. Kept waiting for *our* characters to show up, honestly. And it was a lot to pack in. The music and the quick edit style at the end was kind of annoying.

Mr. Eko is still eight kinds of cool. Even if his waiting to speak until she cried was SOOO FUCKING CHEESY! Nice moment other than that, but I really had to roll my eyes at that line. CHEESE!

Ana Lucia is still a bitch, even if she does know how to cry. She was *very* quick to "turn savage," justified or not. And I understand her. Just don't LIKE her.

If Libby is faking it, she's done a much better job than Goodwin.

I guess that's it. Onto next week. FINALLY.

And I've already flailed and squeed over the promo! SKATE!!!
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