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Lost 'Collision' review

Well, thank god for all that Jack-Nursing-Sawyer fic because THAT'S ALL WE GET IN CANON?!!

There was JUST NOT ENOUGH SAWYER THIS EPISODE. Not nearly enough Concerned!Jack touching Sawyer! But the whole "never tried the 'whisper in the ear approach.' DIED! High time you did, Jack.

I almost don't know what to think of this ep. It didn't deliver the scenes I was really hoping for and so very meh on AL that ... hmm. I'm so much more in love with the 1,000 fandom variations on this scenario.

But, there was OT3!!! And the line "He's burning up, we have to get him in the shower." Practically had me yelping. (Only "practically" because I watched with my parents. By "watched with," I mean they sat and read the paper and chatted about the tea while I was glued to the TV and willed them to be quiet. I tried to bring them up to speed but a) they didn't really care and b) summarizing Lost up to this point is just a tad complicated.)

AL - yeah, like we care any more about her now. No, no we don't. Nice try, but no.

I really don't have much else to say about this ep except that at least Jack was mad that his boyfriend came back "half dead and with a bullet in him." But you choose now to run off into the jungle to save Sayid? :-( What, like Locke couldn't do that?

Nice "disappointed/hurt/dismayed" look from Jack at the end. But OMG - they are setting up Jack/Ana aren't they? :-( Because we all know Jack can't hold a fucking grudge to save his fucking life, except against Locke.

My overall enjoyment of the ep was a bit tampered by watching it with people who didn't care and didn't really like it. And who also couldn't appreciate the OMGUH OT3!

I did shush my dad during the promos for next week. Because did Sawyer say "I loved her." Was he talking about Kate?! To Kate? Dammit, where is Jack in all this?

*sighs* I was happy for the Skate and JKS, don't get me wrong but ... dammit, was still holding out hope for J/S.

PS: Sayid, why didn't you just kill Ana when she asked you to? *le sigh*

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