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Last Request (Sayid fic) PG

Title: Last Request
Summary: What Sayid should have done
Spoilers: Up through "Collision"
Word count: 333
Note: Not sure if it's a suitable present, but written for eponine119's birthday.
Warning: Not recommended for any fans of Ana Lucia

Sayid picked up the gun. The woman steeled herself, ready for the impact of the bullet. He tried to imagine where those four bullets had hit, to see the blood coming out of her mouth.

He weighed the weapon in his hand. He knew just where he’d deliver the shot. Whoever had fired those four bullets had wasted them.

He hadn’t shot Locke when Shannon had begged him to. He’d put down the gun then, tried to reason with her. They couldn’t just devolve into eye for an eye out here, he’d insisted. Her look of disgust cut him. He thought he’d lost her then, but he knew he was doing the right thing, that they’d both regret it if he’d given in to her wish, a demand born of unspeakable grief.

Now she lay dead just a few feet away. “This I can do for her,” he told himself. Whether she would have wanted it or not didn’t matter. It was what he needed to do.

He held the gun to the woman’s temple. She flinched but didn’t run away, didn’t fight back. He gave her no warning. His stomach tightened when he pulled the trigger. She fell sideways and he stepped aside to keep her body from touching him.

Looking down at her, he felt no regret. He felt nothing at all. He tossed the gun aside and walked over to Shannon’s body. It was better to pick her up, to cradle her against him, than to see her like that, as waxen and lifeless as a mannequin.

When he looked up, Jack was staring at him, grief and shock on his face. He looked beyond Sayid, to where the other body lay, and he frowned and dropped his head, but he said nothing.

No one spoke to him about what he had done. No one went near that place again.

Eko buried her, but even he never mentioned her name. It was almost as if she had never existed.

Tags: lost: gen fic, lost_fic, lost_fic_s2

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