halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

Flist Xmas meme

Meme started by foxxcub

The Friends List Christmas List

List things you'd like to get from your flist that don't require money, such as fic, icons, wallpapers, hugs, etc. You can be specific or general, whatever you like. This isn't designed to be exclusive or hurt people's feelings; it's all about love and friendship. :) You can either link yourself here or post this in your own LJ.

My list:

Another noir chapter from foxxcub -- or is this something we should rope eponine119 into? ;-D

More Jack/Sawyer icons from crystalkirk, even if they all have to be manips. *makes puppy eyes*

In fact, just fresh new Jack/Sawyer icons all around. *looks meaningfully at mediocrechick, iamalreadyinuse, strutterms and _paperdreams*

It's pointless to ask for more of "The Disappeared" from uberaeryn, I know. So how about that young!Jack, RevivalTentPreacher!Sawyer fic you were talking about?

More J/S smut from eponine119. Kate can come too, if she wants. ;-D

More Lost fic of any kind from cmere, kho and lillyjk.

dustyirish2003 to finish that long-languishing Sawyer/Sayid fic!

More cracked-out icons from deej240z.

Seconding foxxcub's wish for more delicious Foxshy with a side of Dom from themoononastick. ;-D

Movie date with strutterms and julisssak01?

ficangel, will there ever be any more "Offstage Lines?"

From anyone: good Wolverine/Cyclops movieverse smut.
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