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Josh Holloway interview

Here: http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/2005-11-29-holloway_x.htm

Lucky reporter. ;-D

Loves: Josh says he went skinnydipping later the same day in the spot where he had his "emerging naked from the ocean" scene. ;-D

Hates: No Sawyer-centric ep until FEBRUARY! Looks like we only get one this season. GODDAMN YOU, JJ! *and Damon* We'll have gone a FULL YEAR without a Sawyer episode.

They also confirm that they changed "Adrift" from a Sawyer episode to that fucking piece of crap that was the Michael backstory. *fumes* GAH. Please tell me those cut scenes will show up on DVD! And poor Josh is tired of playing unconscious. *pets*

And for all the talk about how he could have been Gambit - he turned it down because of his schedule, not because he's stupid, it seems. And then he could have worked with Maggie again, in an ideal world, because she was briefly in as Kitty Pryde. Damn, that would have been great! Oh well. It was not to be be. :-( But at least they didn't cast someone else in the part so he could still play it, I guess.

I'm just gonna go off and throw some darts at a picture of JJ Damon or something.

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