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Lost - "What Kate Did"

"Are we saved?"
"No, not yet."


Well, that had to be the most shippy episode ever! Sawyer/Kate, Jack/Kate and oh yeah, FINALLY, some Jack/Sawyer. (Still not nearly enough for me, but then I'm spoiled rotten by fandom. What are you gonna do?) And even some tasty Jin/Sun and GUH so very poignant Sayid/Shannon.

I knew about the Jate kiss but that was still WOW! Nice and long. That Kate certainly goes for the gusto when she kisses someone. Did anyone clock it? Is it longer than the Skate kiss? But THANK GOD SOMEONE finally kissed Jack. Well, my approved Jack kissing list has just two names on it, and Kate's one of them, so that was fine by me. ;-D

Sawyer actually being up was the biggest surprise and he's actually talking! And being Snarky!Flirty!SlightlyGrumpyOhHellNo!Sawyer again! With Kate! Awwwww, yay! I got the most excited about that because I hadn't expected it at all! *squeesqueesquee* Wow, looks like the Skate Ship is FULL SAIL AHEAD. Except for that kiss with Jack. This should jumpstart all those OT3 muses, eh? And awww, haircut coming up. At last!

And OK, finally I get around to squeeing about the JACK/SAWYER TOUCHING! foxxcub tipped me off that there would be some and isn't that just like me to expect even more? Jack being impressed with the bullet removal. Loved it. And of course, wrestling shirtless Sawyer back into bed. Darn Locke. Don't you have somewhere to be? ;-D

And kudos to all the writers who called that it would be Jack, Kate and Sun watching over Sawyer.

Sawyer being possessed by Wayne (which a few people actually called last week - go you!), was kind of lame. And what's with all the animal totems on the island? Charlie has a moth. Sawyer has a boar. Kate has a pretty romance novel horse.

I saw everything coming with Kate except that her "dad" was still alive and that Wayne was her real dad. And btw, "Wayne" was the name I gave to my "bad" Ken doll, LOL. So, of course he had to be evil.

And oh yeah, some other stuff happened. Is there anyone who DIDN'T know that Eko would have the missing footage?

Charlie - aww, return to form there. Michael, being useful. Eko, being mysterious and wise. Sayid being brokenhearted. :-( Made me cry. HARD.

And last note - at last SOMEONE rode a motorcycle in a flashback. I'd hoped it would be Sawyer but Kate's good too. ;-D

Ep in two weeks - aw, WHO THE HELL CARES? Nothing in the preview I care about. I'll just be rewatching choice selections from this ep for the next few weeks.


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