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Additional "What Kate Did" poll

I read some conflicting interpretations of Kate's motivations about her crime and timing of it. And I think I may be the only one who took it this way. (See below the cut.) What did YOU think?

Did Kate know Wayne was her real father when she killed him?

Oh yes. Fucked up, huh?
Yes. She did it BECAUSE she'd just found her was her real dad.
No! That's why she was mad at faux Dad for not telling her until it was too late!
Wha? I'm confused.

Arguments FOR her knowing ahead of time:
- She said she found out via a photo album. Which she probably discovered before she set the fire. Unless she set it aside to save from the fire.
- She told Wayne-in-Sawyer she killed Wayne because "I hated that you were a part of me. That I would never be good."

Arguments AGAINST her knowing ahead of time:
- Her being so angry at her faux father for not telling her.
- Ummm, I like it better that way? LOL. More tragic?

Either way. FUCKED UP. I think I got it wrong and she DID know. But when I was watching it, the order of the information delivery influenced me. She killed Wayne. THEN we find out he was her real dad.

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