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Bedrest (Jack/Sawyer) PG

Title: Bedrest
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer
Summary: "These your boxers, doc?"
Spoilers: Up through "What Kate Did"
Note: Yet more J/S Hatch!fic. Except this one is quite silly and short. Written for alliecat8's birthday. ;-D Claiming as a "Writer's Choice" for fanfic100

“There’s something I still don’t understand.”

Sawyer leaned back in the bunk bed, good arm tucked behind his head. Doctor’s orders, one more day of bedrest. All his very good reasons why he should be up and laying in the sun instead of confined to this damn bunk fell on deaf ears. The doc was one tough sonofabitch.

“What’s that?” Jack sounded tired. He probably hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep these last few days -- what else was new? -- but the tone in his voice now was that of a weary parent who’s been asked “Why?” about 20 times in a row.

He’d patiently explained about the hatch and the button and Desmond and how there could be light in the hatch and a blender and music and everything. And then he'd answered all of Sawyer’s subsequent questions: was this book in the library, did they have that Johnny Cash record, and why were the potato chips all gone?

“What don’t you understand?”

“Well, I’d like to know how I came by these boxers.”

Jack’s head jerked up. “What?”

“C’mon, doc. I didn’t dress myself. Someone decided I couldn’t just lay here buck naked. Was that you? Cover my shame and all?” He said it with a grin and he took delight in seeing Jack’s face flush. The doc dropped his head, the way he did when he tried not to laugh. Funny he knew that about him, since he laughed, really laughed so rarely.

“Well yeah, we had to get rid of your old clothes. They were filthy.” He had stopped laughing, but his mouth was still fighting back a smile.

“OK, so whose underwear do I have the pleasure of wearing? Yours? ‘Cause you know it ain’t my habit to let anything come between me and my jeans. ”

The smile was winning the battle on Jack’s face. “Oh, we all knew that, Sawyer.”

“Oho. That a popular topic in my absence?”

“Right. We had nothing else at all going on here while you were gone. Not a thing. So we just sat and discussed your aversion to underwear.”

“Why, doc. You made a joke. Careful now. You’re gonna ruin your reputation for being Mr. Intensity.” Jack’s grin grew wider at that. Making the doc smile was actually pretty damn entertaining. “But you didn’t answer me. These your boxers, doc?”

“What difference would it make, Sawyer? They’re clean. Really. Did I mention the washer and dryer?”

“Yeah, you did. About five times. Well, for one thing, they’re kinda big on me, doc. They keep slippin’ off.” He dropped his voice and looked around as if to make sure no one else could hear him. “And for another...”

“Yes?” Jack was leaning forward now, trying to catch what he was about to say next.

“Never thought it would be that easy to get in your pants.”

Jack’s eyebrows shot up in surprise but he just kept smiling that mysterious smile, only this time with the barest hint of smugness.

“What you don’t know, Sawyer, could fill a book.” And with that, he got up and shoved the chair back and eased himself onto the bed.

“Well, fancy that.” Sawyer settled back with a grin. This whole bedrest thing was definitely looking up.
Tags: jack/sawyer, lost_fic, lost_fic_s2

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