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Happy Birthday, holycitygirl!

Hey, holycitygirl - have a great birthday! So glad you started writing Jack/Sawyer and we got to be friends! ;-D Here's a Christmas song for you: Damien Rice - Happy Christmas (War is Over). If you have it already, I'll be glad to upload another song for you!

And also woo for BBM leading Golden Globe noms! Sadly, Jake did not get nominated. :-(

But Foxy got in for Lost, so yay! Finally! No Josh but Naveen got nommed again. Based on Season 2, that probably makes sense since Josh has been unconscious for big chunks. And Naveen is my hero right now for telling Kristin @ E! Online this when asked if there's still hope for Sayid/Shannon: "If only! Alas, alas," while Naveen threw his fist in the air and proclaimed, "Those bastards! If only we could have continued." And for this: When asked if his character will ever forgive Ana-Lucia, Naveen exclaimed with clenched fist, "Never!" Awesome! ;-D So much for some fool who suggested Sayid should go for AL now. PLEASE.

OK, I won't be around much (so she says) because I'm hella stressed about getting stuff done for the holidays. But if anyone han't read uberaeryn's J/S cowboy fic or foxxcub's J/J-as-farmhands-fic then GO NOW! They are both amazing and some of their best work, each. And eponine119 wrote a lovely, non-angsty J/S fic for me! Woo!

Oh, and many thanks to everyone who voted for me for at lostfichallenge! ;-D I just have to write my fics for lost_hohoho and suspended_fic. Eeeeep! Remind me to NEVER sign up for anything again.


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